XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness is one of the largest Pole & Aerial teacher training programs worldwide.  XPERT has expanded with more comprehensive Pole levels, Aerial Hoop, Silks, and Flexibility. 

XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness Training is an award winning program, XPERT was a finalist in the Active Training Awards Small Training Provider 2014 and winner of the International Fitness Showcase Best Brand Presence 2015.

With some of the best in the world, XPERT prides itself on the knowledge of our Trainers and top-notch content developed by our Fitness Education Specialists. XPERT is one of the first Pole & Aerial training programs to heavily focus on safe spotting techniques.  We strongly believe in hands-on and FACE TO FACE training.
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XPERT Pole Fitness

Pole dancing is more than just a passing fad - it has evolved into a mainstream form of exercise. XPERT Pole Fitness teacher training programs will enhance your pole career. Whether you’ve been teaching pole fitness for some time now or you’re just getting started, this training program is for you. With XPERT, you’ll learn everything you need to know to deliver a safe and effective pole fitness workout for participants of all fitness levels.

From basic concepts, like proper studio and pole setup, music selection, to how to construct a complete pole fitness class design from warm up to cool down, to more advanced concepts like the exercise science behind each pole technique including standing strength-based exercises, climbing and inversion manoeuvres, floor work and core training.

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XPERT Aerial Fitness 

Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silks is a form of acrobatics and has been around for hundreds of years. Aerial has evolved over the last few years as a form of fitness and is rapidly expanding in dance and fitness centers around the world. XPERT Aerial is one of the first aerial instructor training courses written and instructed by professional aerialists. Our Aerial XPERT Trainers have been teaching and performing since youth.  Their main focuses in Aerial instruction are safety and conditioning.

The XPERT Aerial Hoop Fitness Professional Training is designed to teach participants the skills needed to safely and effectively instruct an Aerial Hoop/Silk fitness class. Participants develop essential teaching skills that will enable them to become a confident and well trained instructor. The multi-level trainings will help instructors grow and improve their knowledge and skills.

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XPERT Flexibility 

Many people have misconceptions about Flexibility, most feel they are not flexible enough to be able to attempt to stretch. Flexibility is key to both Pole Fitness and Aerial Skills and so come hand in hand with our teacher training courses.

There are many teacher trainings in stretch and flexibility however the Flexibility Flow is one of the first to explain the difference between stretching and flexibility and works on dynamic flows to increase your range of motion. These classes can be taught separately or can be used to help your pole & aerial student along their journey. 

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Continuing education credits/points from ACE, AFAA, Active IQ and/or AUS CPD
The ability to apply for the ACTIVE IQ Level 2 Award in Instructing XPERT Pole Fitness (QCF)
A detailed instructor manual ( from 112 - 175 pages ) with complete photo library of techniques

Comprehensive class outlines
Access to our XPERT membership
Special pricing on X-Pole product
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