XPERT Assistants

Jo Dandridge - XPERT Trainer

Cristina Bembo

Cristiana comes from a background in Dance and Gymnastics: at the age of 4 she started her artistic and sports career with Ballet in Venice. In the years to come she ventured into Modern Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics, up to the age of 12.

Soon after, she discoveres her passion for Figure Skating, that she will cultivate in the coming years especially after moving to the USA where she starts working as Ice Skating Instructor, and Skate-guard at the Annapolis Ice Skating Rink  (MD)

Following her father in every single shooting competition, she also approaches and starts practicing this discipline for an extended period of time.

Cristiana's first experiences in Pole Dancing in 2011 is a game changer: she is hooked from day one, to the point that she soon turns her passion into a professional career. 



Chloe is the owner of Passion 4 Pole in Brighton, East Sussex. In 2010 Chloe was introduced to the world of pole dancing and has been addicted since, she started teaching in 2011.


Renowned for her pole flow and more dynamic movements, Chloe loves both the sexy and fitness side of pole dancing and believes there is space for both in the industry. She regularly performs and competes in pole dancing, some of her achievements include: UKPPC Professional Champion 2017, IPAAT Champions Runner up 2018, IPAAT Expert 2014 Expert Champion, KPC Runner up and Best tricks.


Chloe is extremely proud to be apart of the Xpert team, and is excited to be able to share her knowledge with other passionate people in the industry.

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