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Jo Dandridge - XPERT Trainer

Jo Dandridge

Jo has been in the Fitness Industry for the last 16 years, she started to dance as a young child, studying many forms of dance including Ballet, Modern, Freestyle, Latin and Ballroom. Jo has been pole dancing for the past 9 years. She loves to fuse different styles of dance onto the pole, using hip hop, Latin, contemporary and many more.  She first did the XPERT training in Nov 2011 is an XPERT Master Trainer travelling internationally to certify instructors and also runs Pole Flow workshops around the country.  Jo runs the The Fitness Hangout and is a Level 5 Antigravity Instructor and One Star Teacher Trainer.   She is also a qualified Personal Trainer, Advanced Functional Trainer and has taught many other forms of Fitness Classes.  Her passion lies in making sure students follow correct sequences of learning in a fun yet safe environment. She presents Pole Fitness at many Fitness Conventions trying to bring it into the mainstream arena and has taught Pole at The International Fitness Convention, Fitcamp, 3ness and RIP Fitness. She is also a well renowned judge at UK pole competitions including UKAPP, Bucks Pole Fitness Championships, Kent Pole Championships and UKPPC.  In competitions she looks for a well rounded routine that flows, using spins, transitions and floorwork, and not just a routine full of tricks. It’s the bits in-between that make all the difference.
Sarah Scott - XPERT Trainer

Sarah Scott

Sarah has been Pole Performing and Instructing for over 7 years.  She currently travels teaching workshops and XPERT trainings across the world. Sarah is Miss Pole Dance UK Singles and Doubles Champion 2012, also the winner of Pole Theatre UK 2015 Professional Drama catagory.  She is a pole fitness model for XPOLE, representing them at events across the world. Sarah loves her strength moves and her biggest passion is to pass on her knowledge in both pole and physical training. Her new online programme off the pole has been a huge hit in 2016. Sarah's vast knowledge on and off the pole is a great benefit to XPERT.
Jo Dandridge - XPERT Trainer

Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker is the former Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Champion 2013 and a World Pole Dance Finalist in London 2014.  Lorna started pole dancing with no previous experience in dance or gymnastics. She started Pole Dancing over 7 years ago when she realised that she had a passion for dance and acrobatics. After a year she decided to open up her school 'Pole Athletes'. Lorna knows that her passion in life is to share her love of pole. Lorna has been travelling the world teaching XPERT Trainings.

Lindsey Kimura

Lindsey Kimura

Lindsey Kimura, a Los Angeles native, has a passion for academics and sports. She is an ACE/AFAA certified XPERT Master Trainer and Johns Hopkins University Public Health Studies graduate. She comes from a lifelong background in competitive sports playing four years of collegiate soccer as an ESPN Academic All-American.

Lindsey has instructed private and group pole fitness classes since 2009.  She incorporates the strength, flexibility, and coordination from her diverse athletic experiences into pole instruction creating fun, challenging and balanced pole dance workouts. She understands the importance of overall health and believes the art and sport of pole fitness to be a one of a kind experience for the mind, body and soul.

Lindsey is invested in helping to grow and develop the Pole industry. After three years with ESPN Marketing and Sales and X Games PR, she became the Marketing Director for X-Pole US (2011-2014). Lindsey is also the Co-Founder and President of the Pole Championship Series (PCS), an Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes, and is the current Director of Business Development and Marketing for XPERT.  In her free time, she enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling, and snowboarding.
Symone Dolai

Symone Dolai

Symone has performed on pole and other aerial disciplines in Hong Kong and other countries around the world for more than 10 years.  She is a sought after instructor because she was the first X-Pole certified aerial instructor in Asia back in 2014 and in September 2018 she was promoted to Master Trainer. 

Between 2009-2017 she ran her own studio “Pole Paradise Studio” and now continues to dedicate her time training and teaching new moves on pole, hoop (Lyra), silks (fabrics), cube, static trapeze, chains and burlesque to any and all those willing to try.  Pole Paradise Studio was the first studio in the world to create an aerial combined tournament first starting locally in HK in 2010 then going internationally from 2011 to 2014. Symone has mentored other similar formatted competitions that have opened since, including the US Aerial Championships and Airstars in Taiwan.

She is qualified in the many genres from pole, TRX and Pro bungee. Also Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop and Silks.
Symone has been an international guest judge for competitions in Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan & has taught workshops in the Philippines, Greece, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia & China.
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