Online Flexibility Flow

The NEW XPERT Online Flexibility Flow teacher training has all the great information from our face to face training but can be done in the comfort of your own home.

There are many flexibility and stretch programs on the market, it can be hard to decipher what information is actually correct and relevant, especially when it comes to teaching. Flexibility is quite personal and can be affected due to many reasons. As a pole and aerial specialist we have brought together an in-depth Flexibility Flow course written by our XPERT trainers who have a wide range of knowledge, ranging from yoga, physio, osteopath and fitness. This training gives you some great insight into the importance of stretching and how to safely and effectively increase your flexibility without causing injury to yourself or your students.

Work with all levels in increasing mobility, flexibility and working on correct stretch techniques.

The Flexibility Flow program will give you the tools you need to help your clients stretch safely and effectively. For those who are already flexible, this teacher training course will help you to prepare and condition the body ready for extreme flexibility.

This multi-level Flexibility Flow course will focus on mobility stretching encouraging every movement to flow into each other, helping the client to understand their bodies as they increase their range of motion. Learn the science behind safe stretching and flexibility, understand your client’s body and learn how to check alignment issues and how to help avoid injury.

Accredited by: Active IQ, ACE, AFAA, NASAM, Pole Dance Community, Pole Safe Federation.

You must have a minimum of 6-month fitness experience, this training does have a practical and a written exam. To pass the course you must pass BOTH elements of the training.

Upon registering for the training, you will receive access to the following:
Anatomy and physiology pre-learning
Online Move by Move Video Library
Online Manual with in depth video links
Online Work Book which allows you to work through the manual.

Course covers:

  • Over 60 flexibility flow techniques PLUS regressions and progressions
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Warm Up and Cool Down
  • In-depth class design and lesson planning
  • Combinations and flow techniques
  • Bio Mechanics and Self Screening
  • Plus much more

This training is available in English.

Once your workbook has been completed, you will need to send this to us for assessment. A trainer will contact you to arrange a live chat meeting once the assessment book has been received, this will be approx. 3 hours. A link will be sent for your online written exam. You will need to do a practical exam however you can choose to do this either via a live meeting, via a video recording or can be live face to face once we are back.

Once you have passed your training, you can gain access to your XPERT discount, be able to apply for insurance with any of our insurance partners and proudly place your logo of your social or website, plus lots more benefits including discount with XPOLE, Pole Safe Federation and many more.

USA: In order to attain ACE or AFAA CEC’s You must be a registered Group Exercise/ Gym Instructor.